DNA Sexing – Gender determination

Do you want to know the gender of your lovebird baby for ease of naming? Do you have a specific sex of lovebird that you are looking for?

We offer a DNA sexing service for an additional fee on baby birds after reservation.

Fee: $35

Here at Lovebird Haven we offer a short-term boarding service!

If you purchased the lovebird from us:
$15 per day for 1 small cage (no more than 2 birds per cage), $25 per day for 1 medium cage (no more than 3 birds per cage), and $35 per day for large cages (no more than 4 birds per cage) for a maximum of 15 days.

Note: We only accept healthy lovebirds. While we will do our best to care for your birds, we are not liable if your bird becomes ill or passes away due to uncontrollable factors. If you wish to board another breed of birds, you must supply your own food and any other specialized supplies.