Guarantees and Policies

Guarantees and Policies

Please read over our guarantees carefully, it is the owner’s responsibility to thoroughly understand our policies prior to his or her purchase of our lovebirds.

Lovebird Haven only sells high quality, healthy lovebirds to its customers.

-We guarantee that there is no inbreeding or double-clutching among our lovebirds.

-We guarantee that all of our lovebirds are in excellent health condition to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale unless otherwise explicitly stated. All of our babies are hand-raised but are not trained to do tricks, and the latter is the responsibility of the owner.

-We guarantee that we feed all of our hand-fed babies premium baby formula, and wean them off on high quality millets and seeds.

-There is no guarantee on the lovebird’s future personality, amiability, behavior, breeding abilities, and health after purchase.

-We not liable for any accidents or injuries that occur to the lovebird after it leaves our home as knowing how to properly handle your lovebird is strictly your responsibility. No guarantee is made on how well it will bond with you and/or your family and/or pets. There is no guarantee on how well the bird will acclimatize to your home, as that strictly varies depending on the condition of each home and care of the owner.

-If you have chosen the sexing service (to determine gender of the baby) and the results is inaccurate, we will fully refund the $35 fee.

-If you have left a non-refundable deposit of $50 on the baby lovebird, we will reserve it for you until it becomes ready for pick up. The deposit will not be refunded should you change your mind about buying the bird. When you make the final purchase, the deposit will be deducted accordingly from the total adoption fee.

– To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we have a 24 hour refund policy that only applies if your bird were to suddenly pass away within 24 hours of purchase.

In that case, it is mandatory that you provide us with a proof of cause of death from a professional, certified Avian veterinarian to prove that it was a health problem carried by the bird prior to purchase.

*We do not refund or exchange any lovebirds that pass away due to owner’s negligence and lack of proper care.*

 All sales are final.