About us

Our Goal: To find good families or individuals who will provide good care and love for our home-raised, adorable lovebird babies.

Our Story: We are a home-based business and have been breeding lovebirds since 2008. We began with a single pair of bright green lovebirds; over time, our collection of breeding pairs grew from Green to Violet Pied, Lutino, Opaline Pied, Australian Cinnamon, etc, producing a wide variety of beautiful, rare coloured babies.

We guarantee that we do not inbreed, double-clutch, or conduct any unethical breeding practices. Our lovebirds are always raised at home in good care and are hand-fed with with high-quality formula. The babies are then weaned off with millets, premium seeds, fruits, veggies, and supplements. The process of seeing a little egg hatch into a beautiful, grown bird is the most wonderful part of owning lovebirds. 

We are located in Burnaby, BC, Canada.