If you have any questions or concerns, take a look at the answers to our FAQ. If none of the answers addresses your concern, feel free to email us at lovebirdhaven@gmail.com

What are lovebirds?

Lovebirds are medium-sized parrots that originated in the African continent. They are now wide-spread, popular pets all over the world. Out of the genus Agapornis, the specific species we breed is the Roseicollis, peach-faced lovebirds, the most sociable and affectionate of lovebirds.

Do you ship to other provinces/countries outside of British Columbia, Canada? 

Unfortunately, we do not have a delivery service at the moment.

Do lovebirds need to be bought in a pair?

No, it is a common misconception that lovebirds cannot live without a mate. In reality, the lovebird can live perfectly by itself, though that also means it needs more attention and care on the owner’s part. If you know you can’t spend much time with your lovebird, buying a pair may be a good option. 

How do I make a reservation on a lovebird I like?

After browsing through our lovebird gallery, you can message us with the name of the lovebird that you like via email at lovebirdhaven@gmail.com, and we will contact you as soon as it is available. Unfortunately, not all lovebirds listed are available as some color variations are rare. However, we will do our best to accomodate your preferences. 

What is your address? 

We will provide you with our home address via email or phone when you have decided to buy a lovebird. Due to privacy reasons, we prefer not to disclose our home address online.

What do we need to buy before getting a lovebird?

A cage (size depends on the quantity of lovebirds; a medium Vision cage usually does the trick for one bird, and preferably a large Vision cage for two birds), food (lovebird/cockatiel seeds, millets, etc), water trays (or bottle if your lovebird is older than 4 months), toys, perches, cuttlebone (for calcium, which strengthens bones), vitamin supplements (if needed).

How much does a lovebird cost?

The cost of a lovebird depends on its colour mutation and level of tameness, and the price ranges from $60 to $130. Please email us for more information. The list of lovebirds colours available is shown in the Lovebirds for Sale tab.

Are lovebirds noisy?

Lovebirds do chirp during the daytime, though they are not very noisy birds. They are almost always quiet during nighttime.

Where are you located?

We live in Burnaby, B.C, Canada near Cariboo Park. Please contact us for a detailed address.

How do we make a deposit to confirm a reservation?

It is our policy for owners to leave a $50 non-refundable deposit after they decide on a bird. We will reserve the baby for you until it is old enough to move to a new home, by which we will contact you for pick up.

Are there color variations of lovebirds that are tamer than others?

No, tameness depends on birds’ individual personality and whether they are hand-fed, and are not correlated with their color.

Should I get one lovebird or two? 

It really is a personal decision that depends on your situation. If you want your baby lovebird to be super tame, and have a lot of time to devote to interacting with it, then one bird is completely fine. On the other hand, if you are away from home most of the day, it would be better to buy a pair if you feel that one baby lovebird would be too lonely. 

Why do some babies have black colouring on their beaks?

Black colouring appears on the beaks of certain variations of baby lovebirds. It indicates their youth and will fade away when they reach about 2 months old.