Buying a Lovebird FAQ

Why are lovebirds good pets?

Lovebirds are social, loving, and are relatively quiet compared to many other species of birds. They are easy to maintain, and have a long life span of 15-20 years. When hand-fed or hand-tamed, they become very attached to humans and love to interact with them. Depending on how much time the owner devotes to their pets, some lovebirds can even do neat tricks! Though this is not guaranteed since owners need to devote lots of time and patience.

What types of lovebirds are good for me?

Lovebirds come in many unique colours and varieties. For more details, please take a look at the Lovebirds For Sale tab above.

What are the price ranges for lovebirds?

Lovebird prices vary depending on the colour, genetic rarity, as well as tameness.
Usually, the price ranges from $60 to $130.

Are lovebirds expensive to upkeep?

No, not at all! As long as you have the proper start-up equipment, such as a well-built cage, water bottle, toys, food, etc, the cost of maintain a lovebird is quite low. Make sure that you buy a healthy lovebird in order to prevent further expenses in the future (the vet visits can get quite costly!). Also, purchasing good quality supplies will ensure longer usage periods, thereby reducing your overall costs in the long run.

How will I bring the bird home?

We will provide you with a box to take the lovebird home. If you have a carrier cage, then that’s even better. Simply make sure that the cage is covered to prevent the lovebird from getting cold.

What supplies should I buy?

Please take a look at our FAQ page for more information.